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Use zebrafish, an alternative whole organism, low-cost screening tool with integrated nervous system functions.
Our expertise in neurotoxicity and neurotherapeutic efficacy using the zebrafish model has allowed us to develop a powerful high-predictive platform for the rapid evaluation of therapeutic and chemical molecules. 
Our technology is based on an innovative stimulation technique that allows us to detect modifications of the locomotor phenotype of zebrafish larvae with unprecedented precision. The generated data is processed with a proprietary artificial intelligence-based software that guarantees reproducibility and robustness of the results.
Our goal is to lower drug attrition rate through an earlier assessment of safety and efficacy of your hit, lead and drug candidates in preclinical phases while conforming to the 3Rs principles.
We are dedicated to providing you with the best cost-efficient & tailored-solutions for your specific applications.

Pharmaceutical industry

Hit, lead and drug candidate optimization

Scientific relevance

Zebrafish model: high genetic homology & translatability with humans

Time Saving

High productivity & fast screening

Cost Efficiency

Reduction of the attrition rate in preclinical & development phases

High statistical power: large number of subjects enrolled in studies

3R compliance : Reduce, Refine & Replace animal experimentation


Our services:

High-throughput screening or targeted approach to systemic toxicity and functional neurotoxicity assessment

Functional assessment of neurotherapeutic efficacy

Tailored-solutions : disease models (epilepsy, obesity…)

Chemical industry

General toxicity screening

Scientific relevance

Zebrafish: established vertebrate model for testing chemicals in toxicology

Time Saving

High productivity & fast screening

Cost Efficiency

Allowed by our automated screening platform

Our services:

Tailored ecotoxicological solutions

Environmental risk assessment of chemicals for compliance with regulatory requirements and OECD guidelines (e.g. Fish Embryo Acute Toxicity Test, OECD 236).

Our solution

Innovative stimulation technique coupled with an artificial intelligence-based software

Zebrafish is a powerful non-mammal model offering new, practical and cost-effective opportunities to bridge the gap between in vitro and in vivo studies. Thanks to its small size, high-throughput screening is available, leading to data with high statistical strength.
Zebrafish share high genetic homology with humans as well as high translatability and thus provide a robust model for toxicity and efficacy evaluation.
Using our expertise in locomotor and metabolic assays, we have developed innovative tests with unparalleled precision to detect behavioral changes of zebrafish pre-feeding larvae allowing us to rapidly screen therapeutic and chemical molecules. These tests are based on a new stimulation technique and the generated data is processed with an artificial intelligence-based proprietary software.


Meet our team of experts!


Leslie Dubrana
Leslie DubranaCEO, Co-Founder
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Dr. Leslie Dubrana is a chemical engineer from the National Graduate School of Chemistry of Montpellier, with a chemistry/biology interface background.
In 2020 she obtained her Ph.D. in biochemistry using the zebrafish model, from the University of Bordeaux.
From early-on, Leslie wanted to promote the model, convinced of all its advantages and of what it could bring to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Thus, from her thesis results, she developed the idea of creating a company aiming at proposing innovative tests to study the neurotoxicity & neuroefficiency of molecules in a fast and cost-effective way.
In 2022, she co-founded BlueStripes Biotech.
Ariane Peyret
Ariane PeyretCOO, Co-Founder
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Dr. Ariane Peyret has a background in polymer formulation with a focus on drug delivery applications. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Bordeaux in 2017.
Ariane has worked for more than 5 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the fields of drug delivery, clinical trials and diagnostics. She started as engineer and then moved towards business development & marketing management activities.
“I am convinced that the zebrafish model will greatly help accelerating the process of finding new drugs in a safe and cost-effective way. I am proud to be working on the promotion of this model by co-founding BlueStripes Biotech !”
Patrick J. Babin
Patrick J. BabinScientific Advisor
Pr. Patrick J. Babin leads a research team at MRGM, INSERM U1211, University of Bordeaux, France.
His expertise, developed over thirty years around the zebrafish model, concerns the modeling of human pathologies of genetic and toxicological origin. In this context, he has developed innovative methodologies that allow pharmacological evaluation of molecules and help in the identification and regulation of chemical risks.

Advisory Board
Who they are and what they think of the project

Sophie Gentès
Sophie GentèsExpert in aquatic ecotoxicology, Le Lyre (innovation and research center of Suez Eau France).
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Sophie Gentès worked for about 10 years at the CNRS and universities as a researcher, investigating the effects of trace metals and their underlying mechanisms in a variety of aquatic organisms, both in the field and using experimental approaches. Among study organisms, she performed research on the zebrafish as a model species.
Sophie now works as an expert in aquatic ecotoxicology, in the management of wastewater and drinking water resources. More specifically, her work aims to anticipate national and European regulations in order to protect the aquatic environment, using for example innovative solutions such as the bioassays developed by BlueStripes.
"Joining the advisory board is a way to bring an environmental toxicologist point of view in the development of their activity."
Florent Ferré
Florent FerréBiopharma leader. Senior Advisor Healthtech & Biotech
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Florent Ferré spent more than 16 years at Sanofi, a leading international healthcare company, in different Business Development and Corporate Finance roles, including nine years in Global Mergers and Acquisitions.

“I am particularly excited to be joining the BlueStripes team and I look forward to working with the management team and the Advisory Board in order to make this model available to pharmaceutical companies – hence accelerating the development of new drugs.”
Christopher Cuniasse
Christopher CuniasseHosting Manager, Omnicell
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Christopher Cuniasse has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and health industry. Since 2017 he works as general manager and offers his expertise to companies and projects that aim at improving health care access for patients. Christopher holds a degree in plant biology from Paris 6 University, a master’s degree from ESSEC and an eMBA degree from HEC.

“I am proud to take part of this ambitious adventure that aims at accelerating pre-clinical phases by identifying relevant drug candidates in a more efficient way. The work carried out at BlueStripes Biotech will provide a significant time and cost-save for research teams and pharmaceutical labs.”
Elsa Brillaud
Elsa BrillaudGeneral manager, COO & co-founder, Panntherapi
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Having a master’s degree in animal behavior and a PhD in toxicology applied to Neurosciences, Elsa Brillaud has more than 15 years of experience in cross-functional development of innovative products in the field of neurology and orphan diseases in several biotech and medtech companies (Medday Pharmaceuticals, Tissium, Advicenne Pharma, Auris Medical, Medesis Pharma). Since 2021, she is the co-fonder and general manager of Panntherapi, a French biotech company developing innovative drugs in neurological diseases such as epilepsy, and consultant for several biotechs.

Being part of Bluestripes’ board, Elsa aims to support the development of new models and reliable methods to evaluate the potential of drug candidates.
Pierre Burguière
Pierre BurguièreCOO, GenoScreen
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Pierre is a microbiologist with extensive experience in preclinical research and bioanalytical sciences. Particularly the development of in vitro and animal models aiming at assessing innocuity of biotherapeutics and to decipher their mode of action.

"I’m thrilled to join the BlueStripes Advisory Board and to be part of this fantastic journey to develop and promote the zebrafish model for pharmaceutical developments."

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